Looking to the Heavens

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Looking to the Heavens

What did Jesus see when he looked up to the Heavens. There are many examples of Jesus looking up, one is in John 17:1. It said that he looked up to the heaven’s and prayed. We can find more information on what looking into the heaven’s is like from Stephen. He was the first martyr. He was chosen as a disciple after Jesus was crucified because he had great faith and the holy spirit was inside of him. Stephen did great things and brought forth miraculous signs so that people could see and they might believe in the Son of God and be saved. However the priest didn’t like this. They couldn’t come against him with their words because he spoke so well through the holy spirit, so they wanted him dead. They got some men to lie saying that Stephen was saying blasphemy and had Stephen brought before the Sanhedrin. The priest brought in false witnesses saying that Stephen was speaking against the law and holy place. When Stephen was asked if these charges were true, he recited the old testament and never once went against what was written, but then he got into the crucifixion of Jesus. He charged them in killing the son of God, which was true, and he also charged them with not obeying the law, which was also true. The bible says that they were so mad at hearing this, that they actually gnashed their teeth. Stephen, knowing his death was most likely near, looked up full of the holy spirit and saw God and Jesus standing side by side. He told the people in the Sanhedrin that heaven was open and the Son of Man was standing at the right hand of God. This made them so mad that they covered their ears and yelled as loud as they could. They dragged him from where he was standing and started to stone him. Stephen prayed that God would receive his spirit and not hold this sin against his murderers. Then he fell asleep. (Acts 7:1-60) We can take many great lessons from this story, but I think one of the most important is that we can look up in times of trouble and we will see God. How many times when we are down and depressed do we keep our heads to the ground. I wonder what would happen if we, in full spirit, looked up to God with all the faith we had. Would we see the kingdom of heaven. Even if we didn’t I have a feeling that strength would come just from looking up and praying to God. If Stephen can look up as he is about to be killed, I believe we can do the same when we are fearful or in trouble. The next time you are in a bad situation and have no where to turn just look up. Maybe it will give you a new perspective.

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