Hold Your Tongue and Mind Captive

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Hold Your Tongue and Mind Captive

My human brain has always found it somewhat inconvenient that God knows all my thoughts. I could never understand why we would want God to know all our thoughts, especially the unconscious thinking that we have a very hard time taking control over. These thoughts always let me know that without the grace of God, I would never go to heaven!

I think we have all thought a few unpleasant thoughts about a driver who cuts us off in traffic or about someone who is driving extremely slow when we are late to work. I surprise even myself how quickly the thoughts start flying off. I get angry in my mind which leads to something flying out of my mouth. I realized the other day how bad it sounds to just say “Oh come on!” or “It’s not 25 buddy!” As I realize I am doing this the devil fills my conscious with shame and condemnation. God then reminds me of Matthew 5: 21-22, where Jesus teaches that anyone who is angry with another is subject to the judgement, just as a murderer is subject to judgement.

This brings me to the question, how does God, knowing all of our thoughts, help in this type of situation. I am sure what is in my mind is probably worse than what I say out loud, so wouldn’t it be better to be judged by what just comes out of my mouth? Then at church this Sunday, my pastor brought me to a new realization. It would be so much worse for us if God didn’t know our thoughts. We have three different sides to us. We have a side we show to others, a public side; then we have a side that people can see on the outside that we don’t even know; and lastly we have a private side, a side that only God knows.

First off, if God didn’t know our thoughts, I probably wouldn’t be alive today. I pray in my head a lot! When I am so filled with fear that no words will come out of my mouth, God still hears me. When I am so depressed and can barely utter the word “Jesus” He hears my cries inside. He knows the hurt buried deep inside. He saves me!

Another way that we benefit from God knowing our thoughts, is a part that I never really thought of. Going back to the traffic incidents, I realized when my pastor was talking, that my anger over the past couple years has subsided greatly, one example of this, is I actually ask God for forgiveness right away instead of thinking that I was right to be angry. How did this happen? Well God knows my thoughts. He can gently correct me and stop me from speaking even before I realized what is happening. He does this by teaching me patience. He knows what lessons I need even before I do, and he starts teaching me daily. God just started correcting me when he heard me speak, my mind would still be thinking these thoughts and my mood would still change even if I said nothing. The anger would not subside, and I would never be changed on the inside, instead I would just learn to hold my tongue.

On the bigger picture, God can do more with this than just heal your road rage. He can delve deep into your thoughts. He can know what events in your life make you form negative thoughts that seem to come out of thin air. Thoughts like “I am worthless” or “I will never succeed in life” can be brought to the source and that source can be healed so that your self-esteem can be improved and you can grow into the true child of God that he meant you to be.

Most of the time the thoughts that you are worthless come from your childhood. They come from events that you can’t even remember, but they were so imprinted on you, that the devil can go into these events and plant seeds of lies. These seeds grow as you get older and then fester into your very being. You start to believe these lies and they become who you are. You go through life, trying to get healed of self-esteem issues, but you can never really come to the source because you can’t remember it, but then God comes in and he heals that event.

He then gets rid of the lies that were told and then you are healed from the inside out. Satan might try to come in and start speaking these thoughts back into your life, but you can now take full captivity of these thoughts and you can live free from this entrapment. An example of this was given by our pastor. He said a child can be sexually molested by a family member when they are very young. This child is then fed lies by the devil that they deserved this and that they asked for this to happen to them. The child grows up not remembering this event, but is still stuck with feelings of self-hate and low self-esteem. Yet then something amazing happens. That person gets prayer against this self-hate and God goes to work. He finds this event, tells the child the truth and then the person is changed without even realizing what is going on most of the time, but for the first time in their life, they can look in the mirror and not hate the person they see. They see the gold in themselves and grow further than they ever could have before. Then they start effecting other people by example and God’s work grows.

So, in conclusion, I will never again want a private mind from God. I know that God does all things for good, but our human brains just can’t comprehend the whole picture. If you have any thoughts that you just stop and say “Where did that come from” pray and ask God to heal those thoughts. Pray daily, and believe he is working. God can do overnight miracles, but sometimes, I believe a miracle that happens overtime changes us even more. Plus sometimes we are healed, but because we still believe the lies, we let Satan continue to torment us, while Jesus is crying out “Come to me my child, don’t listen to that, come in my arms and I will rescue you from that affliction. I love you and I will take hold of your right hand. I want to help you and I will never forsake you. Just choose the truth over the lies and I will give you life in abundance. I don’t want you just to live, I want you to walk with me daily!”

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